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10 janvier, 2018
MP Ascenseurs achèvera cette année son Plan stratégique 2016-2018
23 avril, 2018
Every day, in our daily lives, we find there are more and more things connected around us; connected to each other or connected to the Internet.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing our customs, creating new habits and, above all, making our lives more comfortable. The lift is part of that revolution (or disruption) that has only just begun.
At MP ecoGO, the whole design is focused, from the very start, on being a connected controller and it is turning our elevators into connected lifts, with all the possibilities that IoT gives us to be connected to the final customer.
What does it consist of?
MP ecoGO is designed to be a digital operation.
What does this mean? It is capable of processing the reality that surrounds it, where voice and data travel digitally, and to share it with the user, via sigma4lifts, thanks to its high connectivity.
All this is aimed at improving the user experience.
Primarily, these are the necessary conditions to open the door to the same revolution (or disruption) that is taking place around us. How do we connect?
The telephone is the key.
We have gone from including an analogue telephone in the lift to a powerful integrated digital telephone. We have a smart phone inside the lift! Here it is linked to sigma4lifts, one of the most innovative platforms in the industry, created and designed by MP, and which is connected to MP ecoGO through the integrated smart phone, becoming a virtual mailbox in the cloud.
We can think of sigma4lifts as an APP application from which we have control of all connected lifts, knowing the status, errors, position, operation, parameters ...and allowing us to carry out predictive maintenance. Why not visit the lift BEFORE it breaks down?
We are constantly changing our profiles, states, mobile tones, etc. Why not do it in the lift, too? MP ecoGO includes a powerful TFT display that makes it possible to change the photos and messages on the display, texts, voice synthesizer audio, background music in the lift ... and with sigma4lifts you can do it remotely.
The connected lift is here at MP and it’s only just started.

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